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Vassar Encyclopedia

An online work in progress under the direction of Vassar’s College Historian

A Brief Guide to Vassar’s Charter Trustees

Augustus L. Allen, a Poughkeepsie resident, served on the Board of Trustees until 1902. Martin Anderson, an editor and college professor, was born in 1815. Having studied at both Newton Theological Seminary and Waterville College (later Colby College), Anderson became a classics instructor in 1841. He served for two years as the editor of the […]

Chairs of the Board of Trustees

The chair of the board shall be elected from among the trustees at the annual meeting for a four-year term and may be elected to a second consecutive term. Except as otherwise provided herein, the chair of the board shall preside at all meetings of the board and the executive committee of the board. The […]

Vassar’s Communications to the Board of Trustees

Matthew Vassar died while reading his farewell address to the Board of Trustees on June 23, 1868. After a respectful interval, the Board reconvened to hear the conclusion of his remarks. It had been Vassar’s practice to address the Board formally at their meetings, and when the adjourned meeting resumed, the decision was taken to publish these communications.